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Welcome to Fresh Banga: the house of music. For the past 5 years, we’ve been giving all our readers fun and updated articles about the music industry. Whether it’s news, listicles, opinion pieces and many others, we’ve been religiously writing them. 

Because of the hard work our talented team has made, we’ve started slowly, but surely, growing our audience! And to that, we’re eternally grateful. Thank you for growing our services and supporting them with all the content that we’ve made.

This also humbles us because we’re reminded that no matter how great we are, without your support, all our work means nothing. Additionally, it also shows that our values are working and are continuously helping us to write better!

Today, we’d like to showcase these values that help us grow thanks to our mission and vision statements and core values. 


  • A news website that shares high-quality content.
  • A news team that talks about the music industry of all countries in the world. 
  • A news team that develops an environment that grows its team members.


A leading centre of music news that offers quality articles all over the world through hard-working team members, strong marketing and free, high-value services.

Core Values

It’s no question that our mission and vision symbols are truly wonderful. However, they remain statements without core values. This is because, without these core values, we’ll never be able to accomplish anything.

That’s why we’ve chosen the following values below to help us grow and become the news website you truly deserve:


Like a true artistic maestro, we believe excellence is a must for our writings. That’s why we’ve recruited Quality Assurance experts to check all our articles. In doing so, you can get news that’s updated, correct and easy to read.


Though our team of writers are some of the most talented out there, without passion, quality works will never be made into reality. So to ensure everyone stays passionate in the world of music, we allow our writers to compose at least 5 music articles per year that fit their tastes. 


News is the right of all music fans. That’s why we’ve made all our articles available for free! So whenever you find out something new and exciting about your favourite artist, you can get them immediately. 

Additionally, all our articles are available in a language you’re familiar with. In doing so, you get to make the most out of your experiences with us and know the latest news.


Like the best music, our articles come from a myriad of inspirations from different places. As such, we’ll recruit the best writers all over the world! So if you’d love to write music for us and grow your writing abilities, then give us an email with your resume. We’d love to have you become a part of our team!

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