Four ways music has improved your life

Music is a medium of art that usually caters to or influences a person’s mood. It can be uplifting, sombre, or exciting depending on how the song is played. Despite all of its influences on a person’s psyche, it is often still considered just a form of entertainment. Music can be the centre of culture, a memory, and relationship between people. Here are some of the major ways that music has improved your life without you realising it:

Music is a creative expression of the artist’s understanding of life

Everyone has developed thoughts over their personal struggles that they didn’t realise is an experience shared by so many individuals. Songwriters are also exposed to those kinds of experiences and are inspired to compose music about it. 

It can be about what they felt while suffering or their journey of recovery. These songs can resonate with thousands of people easily and if they agree with the music’s message, then they’ll feel a connection with that song. You could have started following an artist after feeling that from the latest hits played at Fresh Banga. 

Beats and bass give you a good sense of rhythm

One of the subtlest ways music has influenced how people think is by giving you a sense of rhythm. You can start sensing it from the regular intervals between raindrops or the railways’ consistent tempo as it carries your cart from one station to another. These tiny details you notice aren’t there but are actually projected by your mind as you pay closer attention.

Having a sense of rhythm is proof that you can be creative if you choose to explore it, thus opening the possibilities of becoming a musician yourself. Otherwise, it’s just a fun sense that can keep you entertained while by your lonesome instead of getting deep thoughts that you’d rather not deal with. 

Songs and artists bring like-minded people together

The best part of acknowledging that you love a song or an artist is getting the opportunity to meet other fans. Having a common interest is the best way to bridge the gap between you and a potential friend followed by getting to know each other more. There are millions of relationships that started at a concert or at a public place where two people just talked about the song or artist. 

Music defines the time and culture that they were published in

There is a study proving that memories are remembered better if you are hearing the same music today that was played in that period of time. This is how music became the most definitive factor of a time period. Every decade is identified by what kind of music was popular in those times and is attributed to how people assume what a certain age group is like. It is not a coincidence as it is an example of that study on a much larger scale.

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