kellyhamsome writes a letter of warning to lindaikeji on her posts about him

kellyhamsome a nigerian popular artist writes to @officiallindaikeji a popular nigerian blogger on her posts about him

@kellyhamsome; pls can someone beg/[email protected] to leave me the hell alone with her smelling cutchie, captions and dirty skin? watch ur captions when next u write about peaple, especially me, put some respect on my name or it will be ur undoing ,because i wount stop when i start.the next time u or ur writers mention my name alongside another reckless caption without respect,i will open i will open up a blog specifically for u and other bloggers who think they are crazy and serve u all a little bit of what u have been serving people for years now.i dont play that bull and no amount of begging will specify me,this is not a threat,its an appeal that i really hope u ignore ,if u keep defaming my character and putting ur dirt on my reputations,it will be your downfall

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